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E-mail:  lksoh at cse dot unl dot edu

The group is led by Professor Leen-Kiat Soh with a team of students (undergraduate, M.S. and Ph.D.) who are interested in intelligent agents and multiagent systems, and intelligent data analysis.  This group was founded in 2002 and has graduated thus far 5 Ph.D. student, 22 M.S. students, and several undergraduate students.  Our research foci in this area include deliberative reflective information gathering, ad hoc team formation, cognitive computing, coalition formation, negotiation, and human scaffolding.  Our work has its applications in computer-aided education, survey informatics, and smart grid. Our projects have also included intelligent image analysis.


Current Projects


Aida Intelligent Image Analysis on Poem Identification | Building an intelligent system to automatically identify poems in old newspapers.  (Yi Liu, Chulwoo (Mike) Pack, Dr. Liz Lorang)  (Supported by NEH and IMLS)

Ad Hoc Team Formation | Considering environmental openness and learning, how should one form teams in an ad hoc environment?  Initial work was done in collaboration with Dr. Raj Dasgupta and Jumadinova.  (Dr. Adam Eck, Dr. Prashant Doshi) (Supported by UCARE)

Education Data Mining as Part of IC2ThinkTopic analysis, tonal analysis, semantic analysis (Dr. Markeya Peteranetz, Dr. Lee D. Miller)  (Supported by NSF)

SURGE  |  Developing techniques for predicting social unrests using computational- and social science-based solutions, using multiagent simulations to model event triggering patterns, … (Sudeep Basnet, Dr. Ashok Samal, Dr. Regina Werum, Dr. Deepti Joshi)  (Supported by NGA)

Online MOOCs  |  Developing an agent-powered platform for delivering and supporting online collaborations for students in MOOCs, … Dr. Jamie Loizzo, Dr. Lisa Pytlik Zilig)  (Supported by Food for Health, UNL)

Adaptive Decision Making |  Analyzing and understanding decision making in blue jays (Dr. Jeff Stevens) (Supported by NSF)

Smart Grid | Simulation of intelligent agents, both demand and supply-side analyses, … (Elham Foruzan)

Deliberative Reflective Information Gathering | Observer effect, resource-aware multiagent sensing, large team information sharing, potential-based reward shaping, … (Dr. Adam Eck)

Survey Informatics | Analyzing Gallup Panel data and Census ATUS data, building self-administered and intelligent survey instruments! Funded by NSF CRN, with collaborators Dr. Allan McCutcheon and Dr. Bob Belli(Dr. Adam Eck, Dr. Antje Kirschner) (Supported by NSF)

Computational Unified Learning Model (C-ULM) | A multiagent modeling and simulation of the Unified Learning Model. This framework is to our knowledge the first that investigates sophisticated modeling of learning as a distinct process. We expect our C-ULM to fundamentally impact research in multiagent learning and knowledge transfer, especially when human agents are involved.  (Dr. Duane Shell)


Current Members

Yi Liu, Ph.D. in CS, 2016 –

Chulwoo (Mike) Pack, Ph.D. in CS, 2017 –

Yi Xia, Ph.D. in CS, 2018 –

Sudeep Basnet, M.S. in CS, 2016 –


Selected Publications

See here.


Inactive and Past Projects

IDEASPERE | An online environment for computer-supported collaborative argumentation (CSCA), funded by NSF SaTC, with Dr. Lisa PytlikZillig.  (LD Miller, Bin Chen, Xi Chen)

The Written AgoraAn online environment for collaborative Wiki, originally funded by NSF BDI, with Dr. Stephen Scott, on Biofinity; later funded by NSF graduate research fellowship to support Adam Eck, NSF CPATH, NSF TUES, to support the IC2Think project.  (Adam Eck, LD Miller)

Intelligent Learning Object Guide (iLOG)  |  An automated learning object metatagging framework with collaboration from Dr. Gwen Nugent and Dr. Samal  (LD Miller, Ziyang Lin)

Semantic Cyberinfrastructure for Information Discovery (SCID)  |  Working with Dr. Stephen Scott, we built a framework that integrates biological data repositories … (Adam Eck, Derrick Lam)

ClassroomWiki  | CSCL system for essay writing!  (Nobel Khandaker)

Intelligent Learning Materials Delivery Agent (ILMDA) | An introspective case-based learning agent for intelligent tutoring systems (LD Miller, Todd Blank, Akira Endo, Ashok Kumar Thirunavukkaras)

I-MINDS and ConferenceXP-Powered I-MINDS | With collaboration from Dr. Jiang Hong, we built our first generation of CSCL system powered by multiagent intelligence (Phanivas Vemuri, Suresh Namala, Xuli Liu, Xuesong Zhang, Nobel Khandaker, Adam Eck, LD Miller, Kyle Dobitz)

DARPA ANTS Challenge | Case-based reflective negotiation model to form coalitions in complex environments, distributed sensor networks, with Dr. Costas Tsatsoulis (Xin Li, Juan Luo)

Conceptual Understanding and Distributed Ontology (CUDO) | Learning to map ontology on demand, as modeled by agents (Jingfei Xu, Chao Chen)

Multiagent Games | Fox-and-Hound, and game bots … (Kye Halsted, Jeremy Glasser)


Past Members

1.      Pooja Ahuja, M.S. CS (Advisor), 2016-2017, July 2017: Investigating Diversity in Open Multiagent Team Formation

2.      Bin Chen, M.S. CS Thesis (Advisor), 2014-2017, June 2017: Investigating Agent and Task Openness in Ad Hoc Team Formation

3.      Elham Foruzan, M.S. CS Project (Advisor), 2016 – 2017, April 2017:  Distributed Energy Management in a Microgrid: A Multiagent Reinforcement Learning Approach

4.      Shilpa Kanal, M.S. CS Thesis (Advisor), 2014  – 2016, December 2016 (May 2017 officially): Towards Building a Review Recommendation System that Trains Novices by Leveraging the Actions of Experts

5.      Hariharan Arunachalam, M.S. CS Thesis (Advisor), 2014-2016, August 2016: Towards Building an Intelligent Integrated Multi-Mode Time Diary Survey Framework

6.      Adam Eck, Ph.D., CS (Advisor), 2011-2015, August 2015: Reflective, Deliberative Agent-Based Information Gathering

7.      Lee Dee Miller, Ph.D. CS (Advisor), 2008-2014, November 2014: Cluster-Based Boundary of Use for Selective Improvement to Supervised Learning

8.      Rasheed Ali Rajabzadeh, M.S. CS (Advisor), 2012-2014, July 2014: Measuring Autonomy and Solving General Stabilization Problems with Multi-Agent Systems

9.      Leonard Cleve Stuart, M.S. CS (Advisor), 2012-2014, April 2014: User Modeling via Machine Learning and Rule-Based Reasoning to Understand and Predict Errors in Survey Systems

10.  Vlad Chiriacescu, M.S. CS (Advisor), 2011-2013, November 2013: November 2013: Understanding Human Learning using a Multiagent Based Unified Learning Model Simulation

11.  Derrick Lam, M.S. CS (Advisor), 2009-2013, May 2013: Improving Virtual Collaboration: Modeling for Recommendation Systems in a Classroom Wiki Environment

12.  Nobel Khandaker, Ph.D. Dissertation (Advisor), 2005-2011, May 2011: Multiagent Coalition Formation in Uncertain Environments with Type-Changing Influences and Its Application Towards Forming Human Coalitions

13.  XuLi Liu, Ph.D. CS (co-Advisor), 2002-2007 (April 9, 2007): APOP: Automatic Pattern and Object-based Code Parallelization Framework for Clusters

14.  Xin Li, Ph.D. CS (Advisor), 2001-2007 (April 12, 2007): Improving Multi-Agent Coalition Formation in Complex Environments

15.  Ziyang Lin, M.S. Project (Advisor), 2010-2011, July 2011: Search and Retrieval of Learning Objects

16.  Adam Eck, M.S. Thesis (Advisor), 2008-2010, November 2010, Agent Sensing with Stateful Resource

17.  L.D. Miller, M.S. Thesis (Advisor), 2003-2007, November 2007: Genetic Algorithm Classifier System Framework for Semi-Supervised Classification

18.  Jared Kite, M.S. Thesis (Advisor), 2003-2007, June 2007: A Flexible Framework for Knowledge Engineering and Automation of An Adaptive Conversational Case-Retrieval System

19.  Todd Blank, M.S. Thesis, CS (Advisor), 2003-2005, November 2005:  ILMDA: An Intelligent Tutoring System with Integrated Learning

20.  Nobel Khandaker, MS. Thesis, CS (Advisor), 2004-2005, August 2005:  VALCAM – An Auction Based Learning Enabled Multiagent Coalition Formation Algorithm for Real-World Applications

21.  Kye Halsted, M.S. Project, CS (Advisor), 2002-2004, December 2004: Predator/Prey Domains: Analyzing Multiagent Communication in a Noisy Environment

22.  Xuesong Zhang, M.S. Thesis, CS (Co-Advisor), 2002-2004, December 2004: I-MINDS: An Intelligent Multiagent System Supported Teaching and Cooperative Learning Environment

23.  Suresh Namala, M.S. Project, CS (Advisor), 2002-2004, November 2004: An Intelligence Module for I-MINDS

24.  Chao Chen, M.S. Thesis, CS (Advisor), 2002-2004, November 2004: A Multiagent Approach Using Ontology and Operational Learning to Improve Distributed Information Retrieval

25.  Jeremy Glasser, M.S. Thesis, CS (Advisor), 2002-2004, May 2004: Using Adaptive Agents to Create a Continuous Challenge in Computer Games

26.  Jingfei Xu, M.S. Project, CS (Advisor), 2002-2003, July 2003: Operational Distributed Ontology Learning in a Multi-Agent System

27.  Juan Luo, M.S. Project, CS (Advisor), 2001-2003, May 2003: Case-Based Learning Behavior in a Real Time Multi-Agent System

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